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Pulau Tenggol aerial photo

About Us

Pulau Tenggol is one of the most beautiful islands on the east coast of Malaysia; known for its perfect waters warmed by the South China Sea. The small and compact island of Pulau Tenggol is a forgotten gem set in the clear blue waters of the South China Sea - an emerald of deep, green forested interior flanked by white powder beaches and beautiful reefs. This natural island with beaches saturated with pristine warm water is a divers' and snorkels' paradise. 
At Pulau Tenggol, divers and snorkellers alike can find pristine coral formations and a number of submerged rocks with excellent coral growths. Tenggol and its surrounding islands offer good visibility with teeming of marine life, including sharks, rays, nudibranch and a wide variety of hard and soft corals. Pulau Tenggol temperatures range from breezy 32°c in the day to cool 25°c at night.


The wooden classic chalets of Tenggol Island Beach Resort blend harmoniously with the environment where it nestles comfortably among the lush greens fringing the beach. This cozy operation is one of the fully-equipped dive outfits on the island, boasting a full-facility divers' base, oxygen kits for emergencies, quality equipment, and an impressively well-designed divers' kit-up area.

Besides, there is a Sun Aroma Cafeteria where we treat you to aromatic authentic Malaysian cuisine. We provide the best services at a reasonable price and to ensure that your trip to Tenggol is memorable.

Pulau Tenggol Beach Resort Chalet Photo